Our commitment to customer service

As part of our commitment to customer service Raise Lift Group have an ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001 is a quality endorsed company that certifies a business operates in a disciplined and systematic way.

Who benefits from this?  You do!

ISO ensures:

  • Business functions in a disciplined and systematic way
  • There is a common, understood system of consistent and repeatable processes
  • We will experience fewer failures in quality of service or product
  • Our people are clear about what to do, and how; they do not spend time 'making things up' or 'finding things out' or reinventing wheels
  • We have more or better business because we can sell to new markets or having the endorsement distinguishes us in the marketplace
  • We know more quickly if things are going wrong, and where
  • We stop spending money or time on the same problems - many problems have been resolved permanently.  If another should occur, we have the resources and skills to identify and resolve it faster
  • Better management control and reporting
  • We do not scratch heads wondering how to respond to tenders or other questions asking about our quality system, because we know!


Please see our section on drawings and compliance.